Solomon’s Seal Organic 2 oz.


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Solomon’s Seal 2 oz.

Cortesia Solomon’s Seal is the trusted formula for integrating this amazing herb in a wellness routine.

Ingredients: Solomon’s Seal Root (Polygonatum biflorum, multiflorum, odoratum), Organic Neutral Grain (Gluten-free) Alcohol – 50%, Distilled water

Suggested Use: 7 drops (1 serving), 3x daily, placed under the tongue. You may find improvement within 1-7 days; additional benefits often occurs within 2-4 weeks. Be regular with your initial use, and increase water intake!

Maintenance Use: We suggest initially using the full bottle (1oz bottle lasts about a month; 2 oz up to two months). After the first month, you may reduce dosage to a few drop daily, or discontinue.

Emergency Use:  The quick-acting results of Solomon’s Seal suggests having a bottle at hand in your medicine cabinet or as part of an emergency kit when traveling or engaging in recreational activities. Use the suggested dosage.

Benefits: Aids in restoration health of cartilage & connective tissues. As needed, lubricates, tightens, or loosens tendons, ligaments, attachments, and joints damaged by repetitive stress, injury, or aging. Historically known for bone injuries (broken, stressed) and connective tissue damage. May soothe mild gastrointestinal issues.* May help loosen mucous in lungs.*

Helps strengthens bones. Regulates synovial fluid in bursae and joints. May help with female reproductive health (cramps, edema, PMS, nerves, menopausal symptoms, etc).* And more!

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The product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.