BerberActiv-QR 90 vcaps

BerberActiv-QR  90 vcaps
BerberActiv™ features a berberine complex that transcends the compound’s usual absorption and bioavailability characteristics. Via The Tesseract Effect™, this revolutionary patent-pending delivery system, comprised of a CyLoc™ molecular matrix compounded with a DexKey™ release agent, provides nano-delivery (one molecule at a time) of berberine to the body’s tissues where it exerts its many effects.* 
Maintains normal blood glucose levels*
Helps maintain healthy weight*
Supports optimal cardiovascular function*
Supports a normal inflammatory response*
Promotes optimal immune function*
Provides antioxidant support*
Supports optimal liver function*
Modulates hepatic lipid metabolism*
Supports optimal gastrointestinal function*
Supports healthy mood and modulates anxiety*
Promotes healthy cell growth and dierentiation*
Berberine complex** .................. 350 mg
BerberActiv™ Features:
Effective nutritional support for management of healthy blood glucose, insulin, and blood lipid levels.*
Powerful activator of AMPK, the body’s primary energy regulatory switch involved in modulating a number of biochemical pathways.*
Supports a healthy immune and inflammatory response and provides antioxidant support.*
Bioactive berberine complex powered by The Tesseract Eect ensures optimal bioavailability and targeted nano-delivery to the tissues where it can exert its powerful positive effects.*
*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. 
This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.