Anti Aging Serum 15 ml

Anti Aging Serum 15 ml
Specially formulated to support the regenerative capacity of the skin, this
antioxidant-rich, deeply penetrating serum is perfect for mature, dry, or damaged skin.
Use with our moisturizers day and night forglowing skin.

Apply about 5 drops to face and neck at night. Follow with Holly's Organic Night Cream. 

Organic herbs of: gotu kola, comfrey, Indian gooseberry, schizandra
berry, green tea, ginseng, St. John's Wort flowers, rosemary, echinacea, calendula,
linden flowers, elder flowers, dandelion, licorice, yarrow, violet, fennel, coriander,
cowslip, rose hip seed; Organic hazelnut and evening primrose oil; Organic bee
propolis; Organic food grade vitamin A and E; Organic essential oils of: orange
and ylang ylang.